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Why do we have pain in thighs, all you need to know


The inward thigh muscles, or adductors, can end up stressed or torn by extensive exercise. Muscle harm can cause torment in the inward thigh or crotch area.

Contingent upon the seriousness of your thigh strain, the recovery procedure, for the most part, takes up about 6 weeks.[1]

- Pain relieving drug may likewise be utilized to treat thigh torment.
- Encountering torment in the inward thigh can have numerous causes, including a muscle strain, hernia, and kidney stones.
- The ultrasonic or MRI scan can be used to confirm the location of the severity of thigh pain.

A thigh strain alludes to damage where the filaments in a quadriceps muscles are overstretched. When the strands are overstretched to a specific point, muscle tears happen. These can differ from a minor strain to a full thickness muscle tear.

Ages affected - Above 50 years- most often; Below 50 years– often


Symptoms include numbness or tingling in thigh, difficulty in sitting position or while rising, all of which are reasons to consult an orthopedic or your physician.

Symptoms of Pain in thighs may include:

- Pain within the front or back of your thigh
- Numbness or tingling in your thigh
- Weakness in your thigh muscles
- Difficulty sitting or rising from sitting


Ice should be applied for ten to twenty minutes many times on a daily basis, and care should be taken at all times to avoid frost burns to your skin.

Drug might be prescribed by your specialist to treat your thigh torment. In the event that a condition becomes severe, for example, tendonitis or an intense strain, is causing your torment, your specialist may advise a calming medication.

Different tests might be done to analyze your thigh torment. These may include:

- X-beam
- Electromyography (EMG) test
- Attractive reverberation imaging (MRI)
- Ultrasound

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