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Pain in Knee area? All That You Have to Know About


Mild to severe pain in the knee area due to a variety of factors.

Prevalence of pain is a common and frequent problem. Approximately 19% of a population have knee pain.

- Physiotherapy and knee brace are recommended to diagnose the situation
- May need to undergo surgery in rare and severe cases
- May affect both sexes, men more vulnerable
- Treatable health problem

Pain in the knees is a common. Knees are vulnerable to get injured and thus cause pain or medical situations such as infections and arthritis. Pain can also result due to hip problems.

Ages affected - affects any age group, often pain increases with the age. Mostly reported by 60+ age groups.


Most common causes of knee pain are sprains and strains, ligament injuries, fractures, gout, osteoarthritis, and overweight. Consult a doctor for any of the symptoms including swelling, redness, weakness in the knee area, and/or crunching noises.

People may experience
Pain areas - mild to severe pain in the knee
Swelling - stiffness and swelling
Difficulty of movement - unable to straighten the knee fully or difficulty in moving
Clicking - crunching and clicking sound around the knee


Self-care: Once any of the symptoms are detected, care should be taken and rest the knee(s). Kneecap and pain sprays used to get temporary relief.

Medications: If severe pain persists, consult the doctor. Treatments may include physiotherapy, pain killers, and brace to support the knee area, and rarely surgery.

Specialists: At mfine, we will help you with all the related information and support with total health program and checkup.

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