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Osteoporosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments


A condition where the body stops producing bone tissues as it did before. This causes a reduction in bone density.

200 million people worldwide suffer from the condition, at least 40% of these are women. [1]

- Requires medical attention
- Prevalent among women
- May require lab examinations
- Can be treatable

In this disease, the bones become porous, resulting in a decrease in their mass and density. Therefore, the structure of the bones becomes weak. There can be a pain in bone and weakening of the spine. Bones, as they become weaker, may increase the risk of fractures.

Ages affected More common among women, prevalent after the age of 50 60 years.


Self diagnosable
Fall or fracture or similar kind of minor incidents help to diagnose the condition. No particular cause or symptom seen.

People may experience
Pain pain near the affected area, back pain
Fracture may lead to fracture
Posture stooped posture


Self-Care: Should avoid smoking and alcohol. Should prevent falls and take good rest. Should not stress or do activities affecting the area.

Medications: To understand the situation, the doctor may recommend an X-ray. Medications will be given to reduce risk. Vitamin D supplements may be advised.

Specialists: In case of persisting symptoms, a medical professional should be visited. At mfine, we are here to provide you with complete healthcare program and management.

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