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Dizziness and Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments


It is a condition characterized by dizziness due to neck pain dysfunction, that is, cervical spine issues. It is also called cervicogenic vertigo.

- Associated with neck pain
- May require medical attention if prolongs for longer periods
- May require lab tests and examinations
- Prevalent among both men and women
- Can be treatable in the short term

Dizziness may be caused by neck (cervical spine) dysfunction. It is often accompanied by pain neck, but it is unclear if the pain is coincidental or related to dizziness. Head movements make the condition worse. Often, dizziness reduces when the neck pain reduces.

Ages affected: No particular age group is said to be vulnerable to the condition.


Self-diagnosable: Any symptoms of dizziness, neck pain, and headache lasting for hours should be reported to a health-care provider for advice.

People may experience:
Pain - Headache and neck pain, severe to mild
Dizziness - Mild-to-severe dizziness, difficulty in head movements
Imbalance - General imbalance with the environment


Self-care: Focus should be on improving the neck problem. Enough rest and avoidance of stress are recommended.

Medications: Medical professionals generally look into the neck problem to confirm dizziness issues. Neck treatment and/or vestibular treatment may be recommended as required by the physician.

Specialists: If the symptoms mentioned above are observed, contact your health care provider immediately. At mfine, we are here to support you and provide you with a total health-care treatment as per your needs.

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