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Polyarthralgia: Multiple joint pain
Pain in Multiple Joints? Know about Polyarthralgia
Polyarthralgia: Definition, symptoms, causes, and treatments


It refers to a medical condition when pain occurs in several joints of the body. It is usually described as the pain affecting five joints of the body. It is often associated with arthritic pain.

35% of the UK cohort aged over 55 years are affected by Polyarthralgia.[1]

- Is treatable by a medical professional
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- May or may not require lab tests or imaging
- Symptoms are seen during the third to fifth decade of life
- More common in women and people of older age
The risk of Polyarthralgia increases if the person is overweight, has an inactive lifestyle, has had previous joint injuries, is a female or an older person.


The most common symptoms of Polyarthralgia are:
- Pain and tenderness of joints
- Usually a burning sensation at the joint
- Stiffness or difficulty in movement of joints
- Unusual sensations
- Fatigue
Polyarthralgia is somewhat similar to Polyarthritis. The only difference is that Polyarthritis causes inflammation of the joints that is not the case with Polyarthralgia. Polyarthralgia can be caused because of many conditions like:
- Joint dislocation
- Bone cancer
- Sprains or strains near the joint
- Stress fractures and
- Osteoarthritis


Self-care: Regular exercising like swimming, walking, cycling, and yoga can help avoid Polyarthralgia for a longer period. Also, maintaining a healthy weight, massaging at times, and heating or cooling joints may get some relief.

Medications: The doctor may get the blood test, Arthrocentesis or CT Scan, X-Ray, or MRI done. After which, they may usually prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors. Also, Topical Capsaicin or anti-depressants and Topical Lidocaine can be prescribed to ease moderate or severe muscle pain.

Specialists: For other severe kinds, consult a physician at the earliest. We at mfine can help you with various fields of health issues. You can get in touch with us onboard for a holistic treatment program.

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