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Herniated disc: Facts about Mild Lumbar Disc Prolapse


Pain in the lower back due to misalignment of a spinal disc.

The highest prevalence is among people who are aged between 30-50 years, with a male to female ratio of 2:1.[1]

- Usually self-diagnosable and treatable
- Can be both, acute or chronic
- Imaging and X-ray may be required

This is a painful condition caused when a disc in the spine is pushed out from its place. The spine is made up of several of these jelly discs encased in an exterior. If any disc is pushed out from its place it can press on the surrounding nerves resulting in pain.


This condition can often be self-diagnosed and rectified in a week or so.

Pain in lower back, hips and upper legs
Shooting or stabbing pain
Restriction in movement


Self-care: Avoid lifting any heavy items and rest your back for a few days.
Medicines: OTC pain relievers can help. In addition, topical creams can also be applied for inflammation.

Prescription medicines: In cases of increased pain, your doctor may prescribe cortisones or muscle relaxants.
Surgery: Removal of the herniated disc may be required in certain cases via surgery.

Specialists: in case of recurrent pain, it is advisable to consult a physician or an orthopedic. Join us at mfine, for a detailed treatment plan for various health ailments.

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