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Left Shoulder Pain: Everything you need to know


It is a pain that affects the left shoulder or area around the left shoulder.

More than 25% cases of shoulder pain in people over 50 are due to Rotator-Cuff Problems [1]

- Requires medical diagnosis to determine the exact cause.
- People over 50 are at higher risk
- Most cases require Lab Tests
- Early diagnosis increases chances of treatment
- Men and women, both are at risk of suffering

Shoulder joints stability is highly dependent on the rotator-cuff muscles. These muscles are the primary cause of pain in the shoulder. But the pain in shoulder region can be due to various reasons such as neck problem or might indicate towards internal issues from organs like heart, liver, gall bladder and lungs. Examination by a practitioner is required to ascertain the exact cause and decide on the course of treatment.
Ages Affected: - 50 or more, men and women both


Symptoms include intense pain, apparent deformity in the joint, and inability to move the joint away from body.

People may experience
Pain areas: -Shoulder and back
Swelling: - Around the shoulder joint
Tenderness: - Along with warmth around the joint
Redness: - Around the shoulder area


Self-Care: - Apply an ice pack on the shoulder area for half an hour daily, avoid sudden movement of the shoulder rea, avoid lifting heavy weights

Medications: - For instances when the pain become unbearable over the counter medicines may be helpful.

Specialists: - For proper diagnosis and treatment consult a physician or orthopaedic. At mfine we are always there to help you with your shoulder pain. Book an appointment with our specialist now.

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