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How to Prevent the Onset of Pain in the Foot?


A slow and degenerative disease where the ankle slowly starts to deform as the normal joints start to separate.

About two-thirds of the working class people in America suffer from some kind of leg deformity [1]

- Medical assistance is required to get to the root of the condition
- Can be acute and chronic
- Occurs in both males and females, but females are more prone
There is no immediate cure. Over a course of time, changes and improvements are witnessed only under proper care and treatment.

Deformity and left ankle pain is the condition where the normal joints start to deform slowly. The joints are no longer in contact and form new joints independently such that the overall structure never really looks and feels the same. The cause for this condition is unknown, but injuries and other fatal blows to that ankle can result in this condition.


- Pain - There is stiffness and acute pain while moving the ankles
- Appearance - Immense swelling and reddish color starts to appear
Movement - There is practically no movement. Slight movement results in immense pain and agony.


- Self-care - Usage of braces that gives support to the ankles and the foot while walking helps in keeping the ankles in proper shape and structure.
- Medication - An oral medication that helps in reduction of inflammation and help reduce pain is recommended.
- Specialist - Physical therapy is must in order to get your ankles back into shape. At mfine, we provide the best care and treatment to your ankles and give you the results.

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