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Knuckle Pain - Does It Need Treatment?


A medical condition where pain in the knuckles is localized to spreads to other surrounding structures.

Over 10 million patients in the UK experience knuckle pain and similar joint-related conditions [1]

-Pain that is localized or spreads to surrounding knuckles
-Affects both men and women
-Surgery may be required in rare cases
Knuckle pain is often described by patients as a dull, throbbing, or stabbing pain. It also occurs as a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis or any joint-related diseases. This type of pain is usually treated with diet and medications but in extreme cases, surgery may be needed. Causes of knuckle pain are linked to trauma, injury,


Symptoms of knuckle pain range from difficulty moving your knuckles and a pain that accompanies the movement.

People also experience
Pain - that runs from the back or legs, in rare cases
Tingling sensations


Self-care: Take care of your joints by exercising regularly. Make sure to wear protection gloves to keep your knuckles safe. Eat foods rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and C to ensure your bones and joints stay strong and healthy.
Medications: Taking OTC pain relievers and Vitamin C supplements are known to reduce the swelling and soreness associated with knuckle pain.
Specialists: We understand living a high-quality life is living life to the fullest without any comprises. At mfine, our healthcare experts craft the best treatment plans for your knuckle pain and to get a medical diagnosis, you can consult them today.

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