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Jones Fracture: Recovery Time And Treatment Options Available


Jones Fracture refers to the extra-articular fracture between the base and the shaft of the fifth metatarsal bone of the foot. This condition is named after Sir Robert Jones who suffered this fracture.

Jones Fracture usually affects adults over the age 30 years, especially athletes.

· The underlying causes of Jones are trauma, inversion-type strain and fracture of the ankle. Sometimes, Jones Fracture can be confused with an ankle sprain.
· Jones Fracture is usually common in athletes.


· The common symptoms of Jones Fracture are:
● Pain
● Swelling
● Difficulty in walking
● Bruises
● Discolouration (purple skin)
● Fever
● Numbness

· After visiting a foot or ankle surgeon, diagnosis for Jones Fracture is done by performing X-ray.
· Healing of Jones Fracture may take as long as 3 months or more.
· Upon developing the above symptoms, visiting a doctor immediately would help in alleviating pain faster and help in overall recovery.


Treatment of Jones Fracture includes following a combination of taking care of the foot, some lifestyle changes and medications as recommended by a doctor. Healing may take months. Following are some treatment options:
Self-care for Jones Fracture involves:
● RICE method
● Immobilization (wearing a leg cast)

Treatment for Jones Fracture as recommended by doctors are:
● Surgery
● Casting
● Anti-inflammatory medication

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