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Internal derangement of right knee: Symptoms & Treatments


A chronic condition occurring in the right knee that interferes with the normal knee joint function.

Nearly 50% of adults experience knee pain at some point in their lives. [1]

➢ Imaging tests such as MRI, X-ray, and CT Scan may be required for diagnosis
➢ Surgery is required
➢ Recovery time after surgery is usually around 6 months
➢ Can occur in both men and women

The condition is caused as a result of joint disorders, damaged ligaments, torn meniscus and loose bodies in the knee joint each occurring individually or in combination.

Ages affected:
Less than 12 years - rare
Ages 13 to 35 years - common
Ages 36 - 59 years - quite common
Age 60 years and above - most common


If you experience knee pain and stiffness for more than two days, then you will have to visit your doctor.
Feeling or hearing a snapping and tearing sensation at the time of injury.
Other symptoms include knee pain, instability and sensation of some movement in the knee.

People may experience
Pain in the knee that can extend to the whole leg.
Swelling within few hours of the injury.
Loss of motion, usually of full extension.
Loss of proper functioning of the knee.


Self-care: Avoid putting pressure on the knee. Applying an ice pack and wrap up your knee with bandage tightly.

Medications: Painkillers can be taken as per your doctor's advice.

Specialist: Surgery might be required if the condition still exists. Get an appointment with mfine for a wide array of specialized treatments for a healthy life.

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