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Injury in Right Leg? This May Have Been the Reason


Leg injury including sprains, joint dislocation, strains, and fractures.

Ankle sprains and strains account to the highest incidence, 206 injuries per 100,000

- May need to undergo physiotherapy
- Pain relief tablets and antibiotics may be recommended
- Can affect both men and women
- Sprains and strains, fractures, and joint dislocations are common types of injuries to leg

Pain while moving the right leg, which may range from mild to severe. Often caused among sports persons. Diseases such as knee osteoarthritis may also cause injuries and disorders.

Ages affected – can affect any age group.


If severe pain and swelling persists, consult a healthcare provider. For any symptoms such as swelling, redness, muscle tightness, and difficulty in leg movement consult the doctor immediately.

People may experience
Pain areas – Patient experiences knee, ankle, or foot pain
Cramps – muscle cramps and spasms may be experienced
Swelling – swelling in the affected area and redness
Leg movement – trouble in leg motion and movement


Self-care: Ice and heat compressions may be applied to reduce swelling. Resting adequately and elevating the injured point help seek some relief from pain.

Medications: If the pain and swelling are severe or prevalent for a long time, consult a doctor. Depends on how acute or severe the injury is, doctor may suggest physiotherapy and medicines.

Specialists: If the symptoms persist, approach your healthcare provider. For a complete and holistic treatment of your health problems, we at Mfine are here to assist and provide you information.

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