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What is Hip sprain?


A condition that takes place because of stretching or may be tearing of those ligaments that support the hip joint is known as hip sprain.
Hip sprains are broadly divided into three types on the basis of the extent of the injury caused as well as the anatomical damages. [1]

-Can be treated by a doctor

-Medical diagnosis is required

-Often, laboratory tests and imaging are needed

-Lasts for some time and gets resolved within few months

The hip sprain may be mild, moderate or even severe and it depends on the severity of the injury. A severe sprain will limit your ability to move the hip.

Chronic arthritis is a major cause behind hip sprain. Other than this, repeated actions like running or cycling, work related accident, etc can also cause hip sprain.
Home treatments can improve the hip sprains, but severe conditions will require medical treatment.


People may experience:

Pain areas: over the groin at the hip joint’s front side

Pain circumstances: while moving leg either in backward direction or while doing leg rotation, repeated strenuous activities

Most common: tenderness, restricted movement of hip joint, muscle spasm and swelling along with bruising


Self-care: Physical therapy such as massage, take rest and avoid performing activities that will increase the pain, apply ice compression

Medications: NSAIDS and muscle relaxants

Specialists: Surgery is performed in extreme cases. At mfine we are well experienced in treating several medical conditions. So get in touch with us to get treated well.

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