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Have a complete idea of hip pain?


The pain that is felt in and around our hip joint is generally termed as hip pain. An individual may not always feel the pain in his hip but also in the thigh and groin.

People belonging to all ages are affected by hip pain.

-Can be treated with medical help
-Requires medical diagnosis
-Laboratory tests or imaging is always required
-If it is short term, then it will resolve within a few days or weeks

It is usually caused by few injuries and conditions. Inflamed tendons are considered as one of the common reasons that cause acute pain in the hip. Exercising too much often causes it. Hip pain that lasts for a long time is caused due to arthritis.

Symptoms of hip pain:

People may experience:
Most common:
· Swelling- Hip joint becomes swollen or deformed.
· Soreness- The muscles become tender to touch as well as feel tight.
· Redness- Muscle strain causes this symptom.
· Tenderness- Due to repeated activities, strain occurs on the muscles, tendons as well as ligaments that support the hip. When they become inflamed as a result of overuse, they then cause pain along with tenderness.


Self Care: Physical therapy along with weight loss is essential to cure hip pain. Nutritional supplements should also be taken.

Medication: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory are prescribed to treat hip pain. Cortisone injection is also given in some cases.

Specialists: You should always visit a doctor if you there is no improvement in your condition. We at Mfine, will guide with all types of ailments and medical condition. So get in touch with us to avail for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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