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Gout Arthritis: Everything To Know


It is a complex form of arthritis, which can affect anyone. Sudden severe attacks of pain are one of the most important characteristics of gout.

Approximately, 60% of the people will have a second gout attack within a year and an overall of 84% people will have the third attack within the next 3 years.(1)

- This is treatable by medical professionals.
- Laboratory tests are often needed.
- Medical diagnosis is required as well.
- It is a chronic disease, which means it can last up to a lifetime.
- High cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure can cause gout.

An attack of gout can happen at any given time, it will often wake you up during the night as your toe will seem to be on fire. The affected joint becomes so tender that any external weight or pressure would cause you to flinch.


The symptoms of gout will come and go, but there are ways to manage them. Intense pain in the joints, redness and inflammation, lingering discomfort, and limited mobility.

People may experience:
Pain areas: Knees, elbows, and wrists.
Gout affects the joint in the big toe, but almost every joint in the body is susceptible to gout. The pain is usually very severe within the first four to twelve hours. After the most severe pain is dealt with, joint discomfort can last up to several days and effects several other joints.


Self-care: Physical exercises and weight reduction are the best way to keep your gout arthritis in check.
Analgesic, uric acid reducer, anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroids.


Seek immediate medical attention from your doctor, if you have severe pain.
At mfine, you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan for optimum health and speedy recovery by rheumatologist and primary-care provider.

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