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Feeling pain in the lower leg or knee joint: Fracture of

upper end of tibia


Fracture in the larger two bones in the lower leg. It is known as the proximal tibia, the portion where bone widens to form a joint.

Around 10-15% of pediatric fractures account for Tibial fracture [1]

➢ Leads to knee effusion
➢ Digital imaging is required
➢ Can occur in both men and women
➢ 4-6 months of recovery time maybe required.

Tibial fracture is generally caused by the high energy collision which involves automobile crashes, falling from a large height, especially on hard surfaces, twisting motion,etc. In some cases, pre-existing health condition such as type 2 diabetes is also a cause.

Age affected:
Ages 15 - 30 years - Often
Ages 30 - 40 years - More often
Ages 40 and above - Most often


Self-diagnosable, include inability to lift weights, pain and swelling in the knee and deformation in the knee.

People may experience
Severe pain in the lower leg
Doughy feel in the knee joint
Bruising on the injured leg
Inability to walk, run or kick


Self Care: Light exercises such as walking can be done under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

Medication: Medicine for pain such as narcotics and anti-inflammatory. Any medication should be only taken based on the doctor's advice.

Specialist: Consult an Orthopedic surgeon in case of unbearable pain. Surgery might be needed, although it depends on the extent of the fracture. At mfine, we have many experienced doctors.

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