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Fracture Distal End Radius: Things you should know and treatment


When radius bone at the end of the wrist breaks.

It is one of the common fractures in orthopedic practice. 25% to 50% broken bones are fracture distal radius.

-Colles Wrist fracture is common in skiers, bikers, skaters, vehicle collision and people who play contact sports.
-Falling on a flexed or outstretched hand is the main cause.
-A patient can feel stiffness and little pain in the affected area even after the two years of injury (during recovery period).
-Elderly and people having osteoporosis are more likely to be affected with this condition.

Also known as- Colles Wrist fracture/ transverse wrist fracture/Broken wrist


It is not easy to diagnose it without a doctor. The common symptoms of broken wrist include severe pain and swelling.

People may experience:
Pain areas- wrist
Deformity in the wrist
Also common: pale fingers, numbness in the wrist, arm, and hand


Self-Care: Taking a nutritious diet, vitamin D, Keeping splints/ casts clean and dry during healing
Hospital treatment- X-Ray, MRI, Splint, Surgery, casting and physical therapy

Medications: Over the counter medicines are helpful in relieving pain.

Specialists: For clinical treatment contact physician. Mfine helps you to cater to different areas of health issue problems. Come and explore Mfine to get the solution to your various health problems.

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