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What is a Foot X-Ray?

A foot x-ray or a foot radiograph is a collection of two x-rays of the foot. It is conducted to inspect for indication of damage which affects the foot, often after injury. To monitor the progress of healing in a broken bone, foot x-rays are used. It requires a proper medical professional to perform it.

When is a Foot X-Ray recommended?
X-rays are done to determine the nature and extent of the injury in the location of pain. It is important to get a foot x-ray to check, monitor or confirm the source of the pain. They are usually recommended in cases of dislocated joints, arthritis, foot tenderness, swelling in the foot, broken bones, sprains, etc.

Preparing for a Foot X-Ray

A radiologist will perform the X-ray on your foot. Though no particular preparation is necessary for the x-ray, you might be asked to remove shoes, socks, jewelry or any other metal object that could hinder the normal processing of the image. It is best to wear flexible pants or lower clothing so that they can be easily rolled up for the process.

Understanding the results of Foot X-Ray

The foot x-ray will be performed by a radiologist who can then review the findings and the same can be discussed with a medical professional to find a suitable course of treatment.
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