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How does a foot pain occur?


Discomfort felt in one or more parts of the foot due to an improper stimulus.

19% of the US Population have 1.4 feet problems per year (1)

- Mild intensity of pain
- Self Treatable and diagnosed
- short term pain

Foot pain is common in nature. The feet bear the whole weight of an individual, hence it is under heavy stress. Accidents, diseases, and fungal attacks are its common sources.


Diagnosis: MRI scans and X rays are done in case of an injury.
Other tests include: Comparison of affected v/s the non-affected area, skin inspection, and muscle inspection.
Swelling, Redness and Bruising
Shooting pains


RICE Technique: consists of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.
Rest- necessary for the tissues to heal.
Ice- apply ice on the affected area, but not more than 20 mins.
Compression and Elevation- prevents excessive swelling.

Other methods: exercises, rolling a cold-water bottle with the underside of your
foot, and wearing supportive gear.

Medicines: Acetaminophen (Tylenol) helps to reduce the pain.
NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen) helps to lessen the swelling.


Surgery- Foot surgery can take place to remove bone spurs and inflamed tissues
Osteotomy- This procedure realigns the joints.
Debridement- This process removes swollen tissues by a narrow incision.
Fusion- The ends of bones and joints are removed, and then joined by using screws and plates.
Treatments can provide the patient with a new lease of life. At Mfine, you will receive a suitable treatment plan for your optimum health.

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