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Dropping of left forefeet? Here’s What You May Want to Know


A condition where the foot is dragged onto the ground with difficulty in lifting your feet.

Incidence of 15-20% of dropped foot in the UK. [1]

• Requires medical attention
• May lead to partial impairment in case of a stroke
• Medical tests are needed for diagnosis
• May require therapy in most of the cases
• Prevalent among both men and women

A condition where it is strenuous to lift the front part of the foot. May happen to one or both feet at a time. Comes from weakness or paralysis of muscles from the foot. May occur due to an underlying medical condition. People with the condition may try to walk through lifting their knee.

Ages affected – No particular age group incidence is reported.



People may experience:
Pain – pain experienced while lifting feet
The inability of lift foot – not able to raise the foot, hence, might drag on the floor while walking


Self-care: The condition is diagnosed through a physical exam. Symptoms above-mentioned should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Medications: As per the condition, X-ray, CT scans, ultrasound may be recommended by a physician. Physical therapy is needed in most of the cases. Orthotics or surgery is recommended as per the condition of severity.

Specialists: In case of symptoms mentioned above, it is advised to consult your healthcare provider. We, at mfine, are here to provide you with a complete understanding and holistic treatment program for your requirements.

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