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Early Osteoarthritis And A Guide To Its Prevention And Treatment


A condition where the cartilage cushioning the joints wears down leading to pain and loss of range of motion.

Early Osteoarthritis is known to have no known causes and is linked to aging.

- Requires lab tests and imaging
- Affects older people mostly and progresses with age
- Is not a preventable condition
- Surgical procedures used for treatment are knee replacement and arthroscopic surgery when it advances to later stages

Early Osteoarthritis or Early OA is a medical condition where the cartilages present between the joints of your bones wears down. When these wear down, the cushioning effect that absorbs shocks and is present between the bones slowly fades away, leading to a bone-on-bone direct contact effect. The bones then click or grate and eventually lead to a loss of range of motion.

Ages affected: Mostly affects ages 40 to 70+


Commonly noted symptoms of early arthritis in patients are the pain, tenderness, and joint stiffness.

People may experience:
Swelling in the affect areas of the joints
Loss of mobility resulting from a loss of range of motion and flexibility
Pain when moving the joints or
Discomfort at specific times of the day, during rest, or after doing certain physical activities


Making changes to your lifestyle and switching to a healthier diet is the first step. Get active and lose weight to reduce the stress on your joints.

NSAIDs, analgesics, and prescription opioids having oxycodone or hydrocodone are to be taken on doctors prescription.

If your early osteoarthritis symptoms are too severe or become unbearable despite taking NSAIDs, and anti-inflammatory medications, then it is time to get a medical diagnosis. Our healthcare specialists at mfine will create a customized treatment plan that meets your objectives and works for you.

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