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What is Dystonia disorder and how to treat it?


Dystonia is a movement disorder in which the patient's muscles twitch and contract uncontrollably.

Only 1% of the population is affected by it and women are more prone to it. [1]

Blood or urine tests required
Imaging required

The contradiction In Dystonia causes the body to twist resulting in repetitive movement. It can affect a muscle or a muscle group, or the entire body. Most cases of Dystonia does not have a specific cause.

Dystonia is related to a problem in basal ganglia (area in the brain that is responsible for initiating muscle contraction). Damage to basal ganglia can cause Dystonia. Brain tumour, stroke, infection, oxygen deprivation, drug reactions, and poisoning caused by lead or carbon monoxide can cause damage to basal ganglia.


Cramping of the foot
Involutionary pulling of neck & uncontrollably blinking
Speech difficulties
It occurs during a specific action such as handwriting
Worsen with stress, anxiety, or fatigue
Worsens with time


Applying hot or cold can help in muscle pain
Learn methods to manage stress which can help in lessening muscle spasms
Sensory ticks can help in reducing spasms.

Medication: Doctor may prescribe medicines according to severity of the disease.

Specialist: Specialist may recommend speech therapy and physical therapy. Contact mfine to get profound treatment.

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