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It is a condition causing the formation of new bones, where the ligaments connect to your spinal cord.

Studies have shown that DISH is more common in men than in women. [1]

- Treatment options are available, but this condition cannot be cured.
- Requires medical diagnosis.
- Laboratory tests and imaging are often required.
- Chronic: Can last for years or be lifelong.

DISH is considered to be a condition that is associated with the calcification of tendons along the sides on the spinal vertebrae. This generally leads to the emergence of bone spurs. A heel spur is the most common syndrome among people affected with DISH.


If you suffer from DISH, you may notice the following:
- Not self-diagnosable
-Stiffness and spinal fractures.
- Swallowing food can be difficult.
- If DISH affects your ribs, you might find difficulty in breathing.
- Constant pain.
- Limited range of motions.



Although you are required to visit a doctor in case you suffer from DISH, you can implement the following home remedies:
- Exercise regularly.
- Maintain a proper diet to achieve a desirable weight.
- Use a heating pad on the affected area to reduce the pain.


Over-the-counters, pain relievers, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help in decreasing the pain caused by DISH.


Seek immediate medical attention from your doctor, if you start experiencing too much pain or stiffness in the affected area.
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