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Discogenic lumbar back pain – A brief know - how


Discogenic lumbar (low back) pain is a deteriorating condition of the lower back, where the source of pain is generated from one or several intervertebral discs.
An estimated 9 - 12 % of people in the world experience this disease at any point of time, with 40% of them coming face to face with back pain at some juncture in their lives. 4)

-- Usually self - treatable
-- Lab tests or imaging rarely required
-- Short term - pain usually subsides in 2 - 3 months
The pain may be categorized by duration into acute (< 6 weeks), sub - chronic (6 - 12 weeks) or chronic ( > 12 weeks).
Some consequences of lower back pain include changes in mood, which can be taken care of by prescribing antidepressants or using counseling services.
Ages affected - Between 20 and 40 - predominant; Above 40 - Less often


Self - diagnosable
Most of the times, the only symptom is pain in the back
People may experience -
Pain areas - in the muscles, back and hips
Sensory - leg numbness or pins and needles
Also common - back joint dysfunction or muscle spasms
Discomfort in sitting
Sleep problems


Self - Care:
Physical therapeutic activities such as acupuncture and yoga help significantly. Massages are proven to reduce pain. Lifestyle changes including quitting smoking, also help to preserve a healthy spine.

Anti - inflammatory drugs and antidepressants (gabapentin, pregabalin, topiramate etc.) may be prescribed

Spinal (corticosteroid) injections and minimally invasive techniques are of great service to patients. For more information, consult an appointment with doctors on mfine (www.mfine.co)

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