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What is Chondromalacia & How can it affect you?


A condition where the cartilage present on the under surface of the kneecap deteriorates or softens is known as chondromalacia.

It is common among young people and athletes. Older adults who suffer from arthritis may also get affected by this medical condition. [1]

- Can be treated by a doctor
- Medical diagnosis required
- Often laboratory tests and imaging are needed
- Lasts for some time and gets resolved within few months

There are many factors that increase the risk for developing chondromalacia in the right knee. Adolescents along with young adults, females are mostly affected by it. People with flat knee may also suffer from chondromalacia. Other than these, any previous injury due to kneecap, high level of activity and arthritis increase its risk. 1
It may occur due to simple tearing and wearing on the knee joint as we get old. But in younger individuals, acute injury more often causes chondromalacia. 2


People may experience:
Pain areas: In the right knee
Pain circumstances: Pain may increase and worsen after sitting for a long time and during activities that involve extreme knee pressure.
Most common: Crackling sensation that occurs in the right knee joint when bending and extending the knee.


Self-care: Use ice pack to reduce inflammation as well as pain sensation. Modify physical activity.

Medications: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that will relieve pain, reduce inflammation and fever.

Specialists: Visit a physiotherapist in order to restore your muscle strength through exercise. In extreme scenarios an orthopaedic surgeon will perform a surgery. At nfine, we will provide you with experienced medical professionals who will guide and treat you well.

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