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Cervicalgia and its treatment: Causes and Symptoms


A condition of severe pain and discomfort around the neck area.

More than 85% of people over the age of 60 are affected with this condition. [1]

- Needs medical attention
- Can be treated at home if in a mild state
- Urgent attention required in case of a feeling of numbness
- Can be curable
- Short-term

A common condition of neck pain caused due to lifestyle changes such as sitting in one posture for longer periods. Other causes for the condition may include accidents or injuries. One can observe discomfort around the area due to constant pain. Pain can be intense sometimes and may need good rest for relief.

Ages affected – Observed mostly in older age, increases as age group rises.


The condition of cervicalgia is often self-diagnosable.

People may experience:
Pain – pain around the neck area and headache
Stiffness – stiffness in the neck area and muscles
Spasms – spasms in neck muscles can be observed
Tenderness – tender neck region


Self-care: Majority of the cases of this condition can be treated at home. One should avoid activities which cause stress around neck region and sitting in similar posture for a longer time. Ice packs and heat packs help get relief from the situation.

Medications: Painkillers and anti-inflammatories may be recommended by the doctor depending on the situation. Neck stretches and exercises may be required.

Specialists: In case the condition persists and gets worse, ones should consult a healthcare provider. We, at mfine, are here to provide you with a complete and holistic health program for your requirements.

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