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Cervical sprain A brief know - how


Cervical strain is one of the most familiar skeletal problems involving muscles, encountered by doctors & specialists in the clinical setting.
67% of the population have neck pain at some time in their lives, and predominance is highest in middle age. [1]

-- Medium term: Pain in the neck can subside within months
-- Not contagious
-- Lab tests or imaging often required
-- Can happen to both men and women

Varying by type and place of injury, various conditions can affect the spine, some of them being -
1) Rheumatoid arthritis
2) Occipitocervical junction
3) Cerebrovascular disease
4) Subaxial cervical spine
5) Atlantoaxial joint
Ages affected between 10 20: Predominant; between 20 60: Less often; Above 60 More often


Self diagnosable
Symptoms include cervical pain, retro orbital pain, cervical stiffness, all of which are reasons to see an orthopedic specialist.
People may experience
Imbalance dizziness or vertigo; poor balance
Pain intractable night pain
Loss of appetite unexpected weight loss
Cervical lymphadenopathy


Self Care:
Stress management and postural advice on daily activities, work and hobbies may be useful in some patients.
Patients should be advised to use one pillow at night.

When pain is severe, analgesics and anti inflammatory agents should be used.
Low dose tricyclic antidepressants might be effective.

Pain from chronic strain may seem like a tough and excruciating thing, but worry not, physiotherapists at mfine (www.mfine.co) are waiting to help you. Get in touch with them immediately.

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