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Experiencing calf muscle pain? Know more about it


Calf pain refers to passive stretching and contraction of the calf muscle accompanied by pain, tenderness, swelling, and bruising.

Insufficient blood flow to the muscle may be a cause of the muscle pain. [1]

- Seek medical support in case of persistent pain and inflammation
- Identification of the cause is achieved from the history and physical examination of the person
- Common in all age group people
- Can range from mild to severe

It is a very common occurrence in players playing sports that include running, jumping, hopping, and landing activities.

Acute calf pain can be due to a variety of causes including muscle strain, calf muscle tear, ruptured popliteal cyst, deep vein thrombosis, and cellulitis. Consulting medical experts helps in diagnosis through a series of screening tests for deep vein thrombosis. Sometimes, ultrasound scanning is recommended.


Self-diagnosable: Symptoms include aching and swelling of the gastrocnemius muscle, surface bruising, knee effusion, and redness.

People may experience:
Pain areas - calf muscle involving gastrocnemius-soleus complex
Swelling - sometimes due to a muscle tear
Skin issues - redness and bruising
Pale color and numbness in the calf


Self-care: Apply ice or cold compresses. Light stretch can help ease the pain.

Medications: Mild calf muscle pain can be soothed using over-the-counter pain relievers. Physical therapy involving calf raises and stretches is suggested under medical supervision.

Specialists: In case of severe pain, consult a physician for proper treatment and diagnosis of the cause. At mfine, we provide assistance with a multidisciplinary approach, latest technology, and best expertise. We are just a click away. Please contact us at https://www.mfine.co/

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