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Calcaneal Spur: Treatment And Care


Calcaneal Spur is also known as heel spur or Heel Spur Syndrome. It refers to the deposition of calcium on the underside of the heel bone, resulting in a protrusion.

Calcaneal Spur often affects people between the ages 30-50 years, mostly affecting women and male/ female athletes. [1]

The underlying causes of Calcaneal Spur are calcium deposition, physical activities like stretching, running or jumping, and strain on the ligament or muscles of foot.
Other causes are arthritis, obesity, wearing poorly fitted shoes etc.


The symptoms of Calcaneal Spur are:
- Chronic and sharp pain in heels.
- Inflammation around the affected part
- Dull Ache in the affected spot
- Changes in tissues or bones around the affected part.
Diagnosis for Calcaneal Spur is done by performing X-ray.
Medical attention is required if the symptoms get worse or affect daily activities.


Treatment of Calcaneal Spur includes a combination of certain self care an lifestyle changes and medications recommended by a doctor. Following treatment options are to be followed:
- Wearing proper shoes of correct size.
- Applying ice.
- Proper rest.
- Stretching exercises.
- Night splints.
- Losing weight (in case of obesity).

- Over-the-counter medication.
- Corticosteroids.
- Surgery.
- Cryoultrasound.

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