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What Is Arthralgia? All That You Need to Know


Arthralgia is a condition characterized by severe pain in one or more of your joints. Although the intensity may range from mild to severe, the pain may be sharp and prickling.

15 to 20% of patients with Arthralgia have a family history of a similar disease {1}.

- Curable through medical attention
- May require medications for severity
- Rarely needs lab examinations
- Prevalent among both men and women

Sharp, stabbing, burning, and intense pains in one or more of joints. Injury, infection, or arthritis may lead to a condition of arthralgia. Inflammation of joints is a common cause of the condition. Complications, in this case, are rare but require emergency medication in case of tissue damage or bleeding.

Ages affected: May occur in any age group; risk increases with age


Self-diagnosable: Any symptoms of sharp and stabbing joint pain appearing suddenly or getting worse should be reported to the doctor immediately.

People may experience:
Numbness - No sensation around the affected area
Pain - Burning, stabbing, and severe pain at joints
Tenderness - Tender joints
Redness - Swelling and redness in the area
Stiffness - Stiff feeling


Self-care: Minor arthralgia can be managed at home by applying cold or hot compresses and taking good rest. In case of severe symptoms, consult a health-care provider.

Medications: Apart from common symptoms mentioned above, in case of severe bleeding and bone protruding from the skin, a doctor should be immediately consulted. As the situation demands, over-the-counter medications may be recommended to reduce inflammation. Massage therapy and physiotherapy are advised in severe situations.

Specialists: If symptoms persist, it is advised to consult your doctor. At mfine, we are here to assist you with a complete health care program

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