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MCBM – 69 Tablet

Prescription for: Personal Health

What is the composition of MCBM 69?

MCBM 69 tablet contains Folic acid, Methylcobalamin and Pyridoxine.

Consult top gynecologists online on mfine to understand if MCBM – 69 tablet is recommended for your condition. Methylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B12, which is used for treating anemia (B12 deficiency). It is required by the body to make healthy red blood and nerve cells. It also contributes towards improved memory, higher concentration, and sharper mental energy. Furthermore, folic acid plays a vital role in producing and maintaining red blood cells. Inadequate levels of this vitamin can cause anemia in both children and adults. It prevents many serious birth defects and improves brain development and functioning. On the other hand, Pyridoxine is important for many processes in the body. It treats vitamin B6 deficiency and ensures maturation of RBCs. It is ideal to take MCBM tablets for pregnancy, lactation, neurological disorders and during pre-post natal weakness.

Information regarding MCBM 69 tablet uses, dosage, side effects and instructions are listed down below.

What is MCBM 69 used for?

The MCBM 69 tablet is used for treating and controlling the following conditions and abnormalities:

It is important to consider MCBM tablet uses according to your condition, which can affect your dosage and other such factors. A medical professional will be able to best guide you on MCBM tablet uses for your symptoms.

What are the side-effects of MCBM 69?

There are a number of mcbm 69 benefits and it is generally safe for use. However, there is a possibility that you may experience the following side-effects due to ingredients of MCBM 69 tablet. If you notice any of these side-effects, consult a doctor immediately for medical advice.

How can MCBM 69 be stored?

Always keep MCBM tablets in a cool and dry place and ensure it is placed away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Make sure to check the expiration date before buying or taking this medicine. Use under medical supervision only.

How to use an MCBM tablet? 

Doses of MCBM – 69 tablet should be as directed by the physician. It is important that you do not self-medicate or use MCBM tablets for longer than prescribed by your doctor. Extended or incorrect use of medications can have a serious impact on your health.


Inform your doctor or consult with a general physician about your current medications/ supplements before you start using MCBM 69 tablet. Sometimes, interactions between certain medications may make you more prone to the side-effects of the drug. Take the pills as directed by a medical expert only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to use MCBM tablets for pregnancy?

MCBM tablet uses in pregnancy are ideal and are generally safe. MCBM tablets are most commonly used during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to increased requirement of folic acid in the body. However, you must consult a gynaecologist or OB-GYN before consuming MCBM tablets.

How often should I take MCBM – 69 tablets?

Always take the MCBM – 69 tablet dosage prescribed by your doctor. Avoid self medication. The dosage differs from person to person and depends on the condition being treated. Always follow the doctor’s instructions to get the best results and the right treatment.

Should I use MCBM -69 tablets on an empty stomach, before food or after food?

Frequency and timing may vary depending on the condition you are being treated on. Always verify with your doctor or pharmacist regarding your dosage schedule before taking any medication.

What should I do if I missed my dose?

If you miss your dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it is close to the time of your next dose, don’t take the missed dose and continue with your dosing schedule. Avoid overdosing to make up for a missed dose. If you are missing your doses often, consider setting a reminder or ask a friend/ family member to help you out.

Use under medical supervision.

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