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Many think that diarrhea is a disease. In reality, it is just a condition. A person with diarrhea will pass watery feces thrice or more, per day. Mild diarrhea will last for a few days, while chronic cases can persist for four weeks. If you want proper diarrhea treatment, then see a general physician or a pediatrician.

Diarrhea Symptoms

You can easily detect the severity of your condition if you have information about diarrhea symptoms:

Stomach ache – Both mild and chronic diarrhea patients complain of stomach aches. Abdominal cramps are the most common symptom.

Mucus and blood in feces – In chronic cases, patients will find pus, mucus, and blood in their stool.

Change in stool colors – Patients with this condition will notice a difference in the colors of their feces.

Vomiting – A general physician points out that vomiting tendency is common among in diarrhea patients.

Overall weakness – As you lose too much water with stool, you will feel a lack of energy.

Diarrhea Causes

Bacterial infection – Bacterial and fungi infections are the primary diarrhea causes. These enter your body with contaminated food and water.

Irritable bowel condition – Experts suggest that people with irritable bowel are prone to diarrhea.

Lactose intolerance – If you cannot digest milk, then you will develop diarrhea. In such case, you need not see a general physician as it will by itself.

Bowel cancer – Bowel cancer patients will suffer from diarrhea continuously. The cancer infection weakens large intestine muscles.

Diagnosing Diarrhea

If you want a proper diagnosis of your ailment, then you need to get in touch with diarrhea specialist on mfine. The experts will conduct physical examinations. If necessary, they will prescribe a stool test. Once they determine the actual cause, they will prescribe medication.

Other Disorders and Diarrhea

Diarrhea may not seem like a serious condition. But chronic diarrhea can be fatal without proper medication. Unchecked diarrhea will upset the overall fluid balance in your body. It also paves the path for colon cancer.

Treating Diarrhea

A general physician or a pediatrician will prescribe rest and proper diet to counter diarrhea. Some over the counter pills will do the trick. Chronic diarrhea patients need monitored fluid treatment.

You can get information about diarrhea doctors near you on mfine. Doctors can open their profiles on mfine and highlight their specialty. Search and pick as per your requirements.

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