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Pure Hypercholesterolemia Determines Heart Health


Pure hypercholesterolemia can cause heart failure.

An estimated 1 in 300-500 people in the US have pure hypercholesterolemia. [1]

- treatable by a medical professional
- requires lab tests (blood test) or imaging
- can last for years or be lifelong
- can affect both the sexes
- In adults 40 years of age and above and in children aged 2 and older, especially if obese

Also known as high cholesterol, it affects the way the body processes cholesterol and can cause atherosclerosis. It leads to a higher risk of heart disease and a greater risk of early heart attack. Hypercholesterolemia is the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices, and thus preventable and treatable.


- xanthomas (fatty deposits often found in tendons, elbows, buttocks, and knees)
- xanthelasmas (cholesterol deposits around the eyelids)
- corneal arcus (gray-white cholesterol deposits around the corneas)

People may experience

- Chest pain with activity


Self-care: Lifestyle changes include less intake of saturated fat in the diet, consuming 10 to 20 grams of soluble fiber each day, increasing physical activity, and maintaining healthy body weight.

Medications: Help to lower the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels. Commonly used medications are - statins (A), bile-acid-binding resins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors (B) and a combination of A and B.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a physician or a cardiologist. At mfine we’re here to help
you with different areas of health issues, come on board for a holistic treatment program.

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