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Premature Ejaculation: All you need to know.


Premature Ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction where semen is discharged by men very soon after sexual activity.

About 30-40% of men come across this dysfunction at some time in their lives.[3]

- Happens only to men
- Happens to most men at some time in their lives
- Proper medication and counseling required
- Common and treatable condition

Premature ejaculation (PE) is also popularly known as rapid ejaculation. The central nervous system controls it. When a certain level of excitement is reached in the mind of a man during the sexual activity, the brain sends a signal to the reproductive organ for ejaculation.

Ages affected- 20-55- often; 55 and above- most often.


Self-diagnosable- The primary sign can be the inability to slow down ejaculation for more than a minute.

People may experience-
Stress, depression, guilt, performance anxiety, embarrassment, frustration and relationship problems.


Diet which includes a sufficient amount of zinc and magnesium can help a man increase the time of ejaculation. Foods like soybean, oyster, yogurt, spinach, dark chocolate, garlic, etc. are rich in zinc and magnesium.
Specific techniques like; pause and squeeze, stop and start, pelvic floor exercise, etc. are also helpful in PE.

Medication- Consulting a urologist, sex therapist and other counselors are recommended.

Specialist- For severe conditions, consult a urologist. At mfine, we provide help for different health issues; integrate with our comprehensive treatment programs for better understanding, prevention, and treatment.

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