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Hypertrophic Scars

What are traumatic scars? 

Traumatic scars are the result of the wound healing process and the intensity of these scars reduces over time. Scars are prevalent in the area where the body tissues are damaged. Damages to the dermal layer could be because of burns, cuts and surgeries. Generally, during wound healing, there is a protein called collagen produced to aid in the healing process. Once the injured area is restored, scars are formed as a covering for the mended area.

What forms a hypertrophic scar?

Sometimes, when the collagen in the body is produced in excess amounts, the scar formation is impaired wherein the scars become thick and raised above the original skin, known as a hypertrophic scar. This is the opposite of depressed scars, which cause indentations on the skin. Generally, it reduces flexibility and movement, not appealing to look and can cause itching. However, these marks are not life-threatening and take about months to disappear. Hypertrophic scars heal on their own and the area gets back to becoming pale and flattened, but might take about a year.

Nevertheless, treatment for Hypertrophic scars are available and should be consulted with a doctor for your treatment.

Hypertrophic scar treatment:

  • Hypertrophic scar treatment typically starts after a year of the appearance of the scar. Doctors recommend you to wait until the scar disappears naturally, however, even after the stipulated time, if the scars don’t improve, then treatment is started.
  •  Laser treatment is often used for acne scars and is also an effective treatment for hypertrophic scars. This type of treatment burns the extra layers of scars. 
  • The most traditional method is the surgery that rectifies the problem and allows the wounded area to restore the skin all over again. 
  • Steroids are also prescribed, but an intake of steroids can weaken other muscles, so it is advisable to reduce the dosage or timeline of medication.

Homemade treatments for hypertrophic scars:

  • You can resort to homemade treatments such as gentle massaging of the area around the scar. 
  • Add pressure by tying up cloth over the scars. You can also use the recommended gel, like the silicon gel and onion extract gel on the scars for treating your skin.

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