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All you need to know about Traumatic Scars


Scars formed as a result of surgery or accident.

In general, it takes about six to eight weeks to fully remodel injured tissue in the body. [1]

- Noticeable
- Treatable
- Affects a person physically, psychologically, and socially
- Recovery varies with the severity and the type of area affected

Traumatic scars are of various types: atrophic (deep scars, causing tissue loss), hypertrophic (extending beyond the original injury) and traumatic tattooing (presence of foreign particles within the skin).


Diagnosis – Scar types are determined by medical history and physical examination performed by a physician.
People may experience:
- Restriction in Movement
- Numbness and Stiffness
- Persistent pain


Applying pressure and massaging the area helps in reducing the pain. Use of bandages and tapes to provide pressure to that area helps in the same. Silicone sheets can be applied after the healing of the scars after an injury.

Use of Onion Extract creams and Bio Oil is recommended. Following treatments could be useful:
a) Intralesional corticosteroids
Corticosteroid injections, combined with physical therapy and scar massage helps in the recovery.

b) Pressure therapy
Specially helps in filling up hypertrophic scars. This therapy involves use of wraps and dressings that exert pressure on the wound.

c) Radiation
Under extreme caution, radiotherapy can minimize traumatic scars.

d) Surgical revision
Lasers, Flaps and skin grafts are also an option to treat the same.

Treatments can provide the patient with a new lease of life. At Mfine, you will receive a suitable treatment plan for optimum health.

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