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Plasmacytoma: All you need to know


Plasmacytoma refers to a type of cancer that begins in the plasma cells present in the bloodstream. Plasma cells are white blood cells that produce antibodies.
Solitary Plasmacytoma usually occurs in middle-aged or elderly patients and is extremely rare for people under the age of 30. [1]
Is not self-diagnosable and hence requires medical diagnosis
Requires lab testing and/or imagery
Might be cured
Might be a chronic medical condition (Treatment needs to be subsequently followed by regular checkups.)
Plasmacytoma in the bone is referred to as Solitary plasmacytoma.


As such, plasmacytoma is not self-diagnosable. Solitary plasmacytoma often causes pain and/or fractures in the bone.


If you are diagnosed with plasmacytoma, you need to ensure regular medical checkups even after the medical condition has been controlled as there remains a risk of recurrence or the progression of the disease to Myeloma.
Generally, chemotherapy is not needed for treating plasmacytoma. Certain medications might still be considered in specific cases. Please consult your oncologist for further medication advice.
You need to consult an oncologist to treat plasmacytoma. Radiotherapy is the best option for treating the disease. The treatment process goes on for days to reduce the pain experienced from side effects. Surgery may be required in certain cases.
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