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All you need to know about Trigeminal Neuralgia


Sensation of extreme facial pain upon stimulus.

The condition affects the right side of the face five times more than the left. (1)

- Self-Diagnosable
- Self-Treatable
- Ranges from short mild attacks to long searing pains
- Most painful medical condition known to man

This occurs due to inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, which connects the face to the brain.


Diagnosis – Based upon:

Type: A sudden shock like pain is experienced in TN.
Location: Trigeminal nerve is attached to certain parts of the face. Pain in those areas confirms that the patient is suffering from this condition.
Triggers: Pain caused due to light stimulation indicates TN.
Shocking, one-sided pain
Frequent, intense attacks


Self-care: Stimulus like low room temperatures, winds, etc. should be avoided.

Medicines: Baclofen (Gablofen) is used to relax muscles. Clonazepam and gabapentin are used to reduce pain.


Microvascular decompression: Blood vessels that are in contact with the root of the nerve are removed.

Gamma knife: Radiation is directed at the nerve’s root.

Balloon compression: A balloon with a catheter is attached to a hollow needle, which is inserted to the trigeminal nerve in the skull’s base. The balloon is then inflated to block pain signals.
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