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Facts to know about Traumatic subdural hemorrhage without loss of consciousness


A Traumatic subdural hemorrhage can be defined as a collection of blood which develops outside of the brain usually caused by severe head injuries.

Common among people who take medications for blood thinning, addicted to alcohol and those who have seizures. [4]

The collection of blood takes place due to bleeding creating an enhanced pressure on the brain. Subdural hematoma can be life-threatening even without loss of consciousness. Some subdural hematomas cases stop and recover spontaneously while for other cases one needs to go for surgical drainage.


Few symptoms include:
- Slurred speech
- Seizures
- Numbness
- Visual Problem

People may experience

- Headache as the pressure of the blood created on the brain can lead to this pain.
- Feeling of confusion in whatever one does
- Significant change in the behavior of the person
- Dizziness
- Nausea with or without vomiting
- Lethargy or drowsiness
- Weakness on one side of the face, arm or legs - due to the pressure on one particular side of the brain
- Excessive pressure on the brain disturbs the normal functioning of the brain and causes a seizure.


Self Care:
Therapy is required if bleeding falls in the mild to moderate range. Doctors suggest avoiding any strenuous activity as it can increase the chance of head trauma when the blood is cleaning up. Strictly follow the medications prescribed by a doctor. It will reduce swelling or pressure on the brain and help in controlling seizures if recommended. As recommended, head imaging tests need to be done to monitor if the subdural hematoma is improving or not.

Medications: No over the counter medications are available, and no medicine should be taken without doctors recommendation as it may be fatal.

Specialist treatments: Critical or dangerous subdural hematomas may need surgery.
Few techniques that are used to treat this condition are Burr hole trephination, Craniectomy, and Craniotomy. Consult our doctors at mfine to get the best treatment for Subdural Hematomas.

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