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What You Need to Know About Stroke


Stroke is a medical condition in which there is damage to the brain due to interruption or reduced blood flow to it.
Stroke most commonly affects people aged above 55 years.

1. Incurable
2. Treatment can help relieve symptoms
3. Chronic
4. Requires a medical diagnosis
5. Affects elderly people
6. Lab tests, imaging always required.

Stroke is of two types: Ischemic stroke that is caused by narrowed or blocked arteries, which reduces blood flow, and Hemorrhagic stroke that occurs when a blood vessel in the brain leaks or ruptures that triggers hypertension.


People may experience these symptoms, which are self-diagnosable:
1. Inability to move and feel on one side of the body
2. Speech problems due to confusion or difficulty in understanding
3. Severe headache, accompanied by vomiting, or altered consciousness
4. Numbness or paralysis of the face, arm or leg
5. Trouble walking- due to sudden dizziness, loss of coordination or balance
6. Loss of vision in one eye, which is a visual field loss on the left or right side of the vertical midline.


Smoking cessation, moderating alcohol consumption, controlling diabetes and reducing weight is recommended.
Anticoagulants, antiplatelet, clot-breaking drugs, blood pressure drugs and statins are helpful in relieving symptoms.
Specialists: Consult a neurologist if symptoms are diagnosed. In serious cases, craniotomy, thrombectomy surgeries may be required. Mfine provides a comprehensive treatment plan for optimum health.

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