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Persistent Migraine Aura Without Infarction


Persistent migraine aura (PMA) without infarction is a rare complication of migraines. In this condition, your aura still exists even after you have a migraine.

About 30% of migraineurs are reported to have migraines with auras, among which PMA cases are very rare.[1]

- Lasts for a week or longer
- May require lab tests and imaging
- Can occur in people of any age group
- Can be acquired hereditarily

According to the International Headache Society the migraine aura stays for more than a week without radiographic evidence of the infarction.
A typical migraine with aura lasts between 5 and 60 minutes. But in a persistent aura, it lasts more than a week, with symptoms similar to that of a migraine stroke. But there is no evidence of stroke in computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of the brain.


Disturbances in visual functions that are characterized by the following are observed:
- Temporary blind spots
- Shadow in eyes
- Zigzag lines
- Blurred vision
- Light sensitivity
- Visual hallucinations
- Voice and sensory disturbances


Treatment is same as of in migraine with aura.
Self-care: Take up some relaxation therapies with proper stress management. A change in dietary and sleeping habits may also help.

Medications: Once a migraine with auras is identified to be persistent, your medication may include Lamictal (sometimes called as lamotrigine, an anti-seizure medication), which is an effective solution for PMA. Prescribed dosage of furosemide and acetazolamide are also recommended.

Specialists: See a physician to rule out the possible doubt of a migraine stroke and other health issues.
In such a condition, identification of symptoms and an early diagnosis help you stay a step ahead. Here at mfine, we take care that you get earliest medical help at your doorstep.

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