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Paresthesia A quick overview


Paresthesia is a condition characterized by numbness or itching on your hands, feet, and legs.

The prevalence rate of paraesthesia among the general population is only 6%. [3]

- Can be a chronic or acute condition
- May require diagnostic tests
- Treatable by medical professionals

The condition can be acute or chronic. If this condition is persistent and affects your quality of life, it needs to be medically reviewed for appropriate treatment.

Temporary Paresthesia is mostly due to pressure on a nerve or brief periods of poor blood circulation. Chronic paresthesia is a long-term condition which signals nerve damage and requires medical diagnoses and treatment. Everyone experiences temporary paresthesia once in their lives. The following individuals are at higher risk of experiencing this condition:

- Perform repetitive movements
- Eats a poor diet
- Have type 1 or type 2 diabetes
- Have an auto-immune condition
- Have a neurological condition

Ages affected:
Paresthesia is usually affecting individuals above 18 years of age.


The common symptoms felt by individuals in Paresthesia are:
- Itching
- Tingling
- Numbness
- Restless leg syndrome
- Crawling sensation on the skin
- Weakness


These simple home remedies can help alleviate symptoms of parenthesis:
- Try and avoid repetitive movements
- Take frequent rests when performing repetitive movements
- Avoid sitting in one position for long

The doctors prescribe medications to treat the underlying cause of paresthesia to treat it. They also prescribe lifestyle changes and physical therapy to alleviate symptoms.

A neurologist should be consulted for treatment of paresthesia. We at mfine provide you all specialists under one roof for specialized treatment to resolve all your health issues. Get in touch with us now to get a holistic treatment plan.

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