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Cluster Headache: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


Cluster headaches, which happen in repetitive models or clusters, are among the most unpleasant types of pain in the head. A cluster headache generally awakes you in the midnight with extreme pain in or across an eye on any single view of your head.

It is known that most cluster headaches last for about 30 to 45 minutes. [1]

- The cause of cluster headaches is not known.
- The doctor takes a detailed history of the symptoms as there is no special test to diagnose cluster headache.
- Rounds of regular attacks acknowledged as cluster periods can endure from few weeks to months, customarily ensued by remission duration when the headaches end. During respite, no headaches happen for months and few times even years.
- Providentially, cluster headache is unique and not life-intimidating.


Although a cluster headache hits immediately, ordinarily without any pre-warning or showing any symptoms, you might initially have migraine-like aura and nausea.

General symptoms and signs during a migraine incorporate:

- Agonizing pain, frequently settled in or across one eye but may spread to different regions of your face, neck, head, and shoulders.
- Restlessness
- One-sided pain
- Extreme tearing
- Redness in your eye around the influenced side
- Facial or forehead sweating
- Stuffy or a runny nose
- Flushing or pale skin (pallor) on your face
- Drooping eyelid
- Swelling across your eye on the influenced side


A cluster headache can be favorably cured in most instances with an adequate character of life by specifying preventive drug and acute remedy.

Acute treatment: Treatments can turn a cluster headache strikes less durable and not so serious. One can opt for preventive drug as prescribed. Medications can diminish the count of cluster headaches.

Specialists: It is better to see the doctor to rule out other disorders, and find the most effective treatment. Come join us at mfine and let the experts resolve all your medical queries.

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