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Have discomfort while urinating? Here’s what you should know


The formation of solid masses of crystals in the Right Kidney.

1 in 20 people experience the occurrence of kidney stones atleast once in their lifetime. [1]

- Medical diagnosis by a general physician or nephrologist is required for confirmation.
- Affects both men and women.
- Lab tests, CT scan, Ultrasound and MRIs are often required.
- Can be physically painful.
Kidney stones usually develop in the kidneys but can also manifest in the urethra, ureters and urinary bladder. Calcium, Uric Acid, Struvite and Cystine are the four types of renal calculi. Dehydration, thyroid dysfunction, obesity, gastric bypass surgery or other medical conditions put people at a higher risk of developing kidney stones.
Ages Affected - below the age of 30 years - Less often; above age of 30 years - often


Self- diagnosable
Symptoms include foul smelling urine, discolored red, pink or brown urine along with inconsistent urine flow. Getting evaluated by a doctor is advisable.

People May Experience
Pain - Fluctuating intensity of pain which radiates to the groin and lower abdomen. Pain while urinating.
Uncontrolled urination - Infrequent and increased urination
Uneasiness - Fevers, chills and nausea.


Self-Care: Proper hydration, avoiding salty foods, maintaining a healthy diet and body weight.

Medications: Take narcotic medicines for pain.

Specialists: Other treatments like lithotripsy, ureteroscopy or tunnel surgery can be done after consulting a nephrologist. mfine, with its modern healthcare services, enable the patients to have a healthier way of life. Contact now!

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