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Nephrectomy: Removal of a kidney. All you need to know.

What is Nephrectomy?

Nephrectomy refers to a procedure wherein the kidney is removed surgically.
Performed by a medical professional
Lab tests or imaging are required
This is done in two ways: partial and radical

When is Nephrectomy recommended?

In severe cases of kidney diseases like symptomatic chronic infection and severe traumatic injuries, your doctor may have to go for this surgical option. If the patient is suffering from tumors in the kidney, a urologic surgeon may also perform Nephrectomy.

Preparing for Nephrectomy

Before surgery you might need to know the following from your doctor:
Which surgery is suitable? Partial or complete?
If this is because of cancer, what is the procedure to be carried out?
Complications involved
Medications that need to be avoided
When to begin the fasting?
You may also want to prepare for hospital stay depending on the procedure you are undergoing.

Understanding the results of Nephrectomy
After the surgery, your doctor evaluates the following things:
The pathology about the tissue that is removed
How this is going to affect the functions of the other kidney?
How frequently the kidney function is to be monitored?
You will have to change your dietary routine and include a few exercises into your lifestyle to preserve the normal kidney. Your medications will be based on the condition the surgery is associated with and you may be asked to have regular checkups to monitor the kidney health.

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