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Conn Syndrome- The Hormonal Disorder


Conn Syndrome popularly known as Primary Aldosteronism is a hormonal disorder which leads to high blood pressure.

Conn Syndrome is rare in children but is more in 10% hypertensive adult patients. [3]

Conn Syndrome is:
Treatable by medical professionals
Requires medical diagnosis
Lab tests or imaging required
Can resolve within months

In this medical condition, the adrenal glands produce too much aldosterone leading to the loss of potassium, retaining sodium which in turn increases blood volume and blood pressure.


The common symptoms of Conn Syndrome are:
- Moderate to severe high blood pressure
- Increased thirst
- Palpitations
- Headaches
- Muscle cramps
- Visual disturbances
- Fatigue
- Temporary paralysis

People have a higher risk of developing this disorder if they are 45 years or older, have a family history of high blood pressure, are overweight, use tobacco, drink a lot of alcohol, and have dietary imbalances.


There are few ways in which people can reduce the risk of developing this disease. Reducing the intake of sodium in the diet, losing weight (if needed), exercising regularly, reducing alcohol intake, and quitting smoking are the best possible ways to prevent this disease.

The doctor may prescribe Aldosterone-blocking drugs and a surgery if required. In addition to the above lifestyle changes will also be suggested.

To get rid of Conn Syndrome, consult our doctors at mfine for the best treatment.

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