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Tetrafol Plus Tablet

Prescription for: Personal Health

Tetrafol Plus composition

Consult top general physicians online to understand if Tetrafol Plus tablet use is suitable for your medical condition. Tetrafol Plus tablet contains all forms of vitamins and is generally used to treat decreased folate levels or increased homocysteine levels. Tetrafol Plus composition consists of the following active ingredients:

  • L-methylfolate
  • Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate
  • Mecobalamin

Tetrafol Plus benefits

The active ingredients in Tetrafol Plus tablet have proven to have several benefits. They include:

  • Tetrafol Plus tablet helps in treating elevated homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is a type of chemical associated with pregnancy complications.
  • Tetrafol Plus tablet also acts as a folic acid supplement that helps in producing healthy red blood cells. It prevents and treats low folate levels in the body.
  • With Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P) as an active ingredient, Tetrafol Plus use is proven to improve brain health as it contains many neurotransmitter properties.
  • Since Tetrafol Plus tablet contains Mecobalamin, it helps produce essential nutrients like vitamin B12 that keep your blood cells and nerves healthy. This activated form of vitamin B12 is also used in treating vitamin deficiencies, anemia, diabetes, and other health complications. If you are concerned, take a vitamin profile test or diabetes screening test to understand your health condition better!

Tetrafol Plus uses

Tetrafol Plus tablet uses include the prevention, treatment, and improvement of the following symptoms and medical conditions:

If these symptoms and medical conditions seem familiar to you, consult a general physician online to start your Tetrafol Plus tablet use.

Tetrafol Plus side-effects

While Tetrafol Plus tablet provides a plethora of health benefits and is generally safe, the tablet can cause side-effects if you are allergic to the active ingredients. If you notice any of the following Tetrafol Plus side-effects, stop your dosage and immediately consult a general physician . The side-effects include:

Dosage for Tetrafol Plus tablet

  • Tetrafol Plus tablet use should be as per the medical prescription given by the general physician.
  • Refrain from self-medication and extended Tetrafol Plus use as it can have a severe impact on your health. Use under medical supervision only.

Precautions for Tetrafol Plus tabet use

  • Ensure you discuss with a general doctor about your current prescription, usage of over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, medical conditions, or any upcoming surgery before starting your tablet Tetrafol Plus use.
  • Some health conditions and medications can cause negative interactions with Tetrafol Plus, thus making you more prone to developing Tetrafol Plus side effects.

Storage for Tetrafol Plus tablet

  • Ensure Tetrafol Plus tablets are stored away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Storage needs to be at room temperature only.
  • Keep the tablets out of reach from pets and children.
  • Read the label carefully before using Tetrafol Plus tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long should my Tetrafol Plus use be before I start seeing improvement?

Most people notice a significant improvement after one month of using tablet Tetrafol Plus. However, improvement in health can vary depending on one’s physical health. Consult with a general doctor to get a better understanding of Tetrafol Plus uses and side-effects.

  1. Is it safe to use tablet Tetrafol Plus during pregnancy?

We recommend consulting a general physician before starting your Tetrafol Plus tablet usage. Some health conditions and medications can cause negative interactions with Tetrafol Plus, thus making you more prone to developing Tetrafol Plus side effects.

  1. At what frequency should I use Tetafol Plus tablets?

Consuming tablet Tetrafol Plus once or twice a day is the most common frequency amongst users. However, your dosage and timing may vary based on your health condition. Consult a doctor to understand if Tetrafol Plus tablet use is suitable for you.

  1. When should I not take Tetrafol Plus tablet?

Do not consume Tetrafol Plus tablet for the following reasons:
-If you are hypersensitive to the medicine
-If you experience allergic reactions or other Tetrafol Plus side-effects
-If you have already taken your dose for the day
-If a general doctor has not prescribed Tetrafol Plus tablet for your medical condition

  1. What if I missed my Tetrafol Plus tablet dosage?

Consume your missed dose immediately after you remember. If you are nearing your next dosage, do not try to make up for it by overdosing. Resume your schedule as prescribed by a general doctor . Overdosing on Tetrafol Plus tablet can be detrimental to your body. If you miss your doses often, try setting a reminder or ask a family member to help you with your dosage schedule.

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