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Nausea - Symptoms & Treatments


Stomach discomfort and experiencing the urge to vomit
Almost everyone has experience nausea at least once (or more) in their life.[1]

- Self-diagnosable
- Is not a disease but a symptom of a wide range of disorders
- Nausea, on its own, is treatable
- Can often be prevented

From stomach ulcers and jaundice to hepatitis and food poisoning, there can be hundreds of possible causes of nausea. As a general rule, nausea happens when there is a problem related to pelvic or abdominal organs, the spinal, brain fluid, or the inner ear balance centers. It can also occur due to excessive consumption of alcohol, certain side effects of medication, low blood sugar, reproductive hormones, and food allergies.
Nausea can affect people of all age groups.


Uneasiness in the stomach and a vomiting sensation
People may also experience a headache, an uncomfortable feeling in the upper abdomen or chest or back of the throat, retching, and profuse sweating


Eating small meals, avoiding too much of alcohol, or bothersome odors and perfume. Taking anti-nausea pills before traveling and avoiding all kinds of things which trigger nausea.

Taking medicines to address the underlying cause of nausea be it motion sickness, headache, or gastritis like digestion medicines or painkillers.


In some cases, nausea can be a symptom of something serious. Talk to a general physician if there is repeated nauseated episodes or experiencing nausea for more than three days. Visit mfine today and talk to a general physician to know the underlying cause and avoid any further complications.

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