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White Discharge Per Vaginum: Know All You Wanted To


Although vaginal discharge is normal under most conditions, it becomes a cause of concern when there is a difference in odor or texture of the discharge.

75% women experience at least one kind of vaginal yeast infection in a lifetime. [1]

- Vaginal discharge is considered normal if the woman is ovulating, breast-feeding, or is sexually aroused.
- Discharge in pregnancy may have different odor but is not abnormal.
- Pelvic examination by the doctor can confirm the condition.

There are multiple reasons for the vaginal discharge which include:
- Use of Antibiotic
- Steroids
- Cervical Cancer
- Diabetes
- Yeast Infections
- Vaginitis


Symptoms of the vaginal discharge can be noted by observing the color and texture of the discharge from the vagina. Difference in color and texture indicates different types of conditions.
- Thick White discharge- indicates yeast infection
- Yellowish or cheesy discharge, Swelling and pain around vulva indicates Bacterial vaginosis
- Itching and burning sensation indicates trichomoniasis
- Redness


Treatment varies according to the condition.
- Discharge due to Yeast Infection of vagina: This can be treated by applying medicine into the vagina. It can also be treated by oral medicine.
- Discharge due to Bacterial Infection: It is treated by an oral antibiotic pill.

Maintaining personal hygiene

Doctors may prescribe oral or vaginal medications based on the infection.

Specialists: At mfine, we carefully study the condition and prioritize a treatment program which would be most fruitful

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