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Read About Vulvovaginal Candidiasis


A yeast infection inside the vagina.

Though it may spread by sexual contact but isn’t considered an STI, as women not sexually active can also get it. (#1)

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Medical diagnosis is required
- Lab tests and imaging are done
- Short term: improves in days to weeks
- Spreads by sexual contact

The infection is caused by Candida, a yeast (or fungus) which usually lives inside vagina, gut or mouth, but its growth is stimulated when conditions in vagina become favorable to it. Pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives, weakened immune system, or diabetes increase the susceptibility to vulvovaginal candidiasis.



Symptoms are similar to different types of infection, so it’s diagnosed by examination of the cervix and vaginal walls followed by a lab test.

Women may experience
Itching: around the vagina
Swelling: around the vagina
Burning: in urination or sex
Pain: while sex
Soreness: with redness, and rashes
Vaginal discharge: greyish-white, having clumps


Self-care: You may apply boric acid vaginal suppositories, plain yogurt (or take orally), coconut oil, tea-tree oil, or garlic for some relief but these are not wholly effective. Keep your hands clean while applying.

Medications: Along with antifungal prescription medicines, OTCs for the disease are common and should be taken with care. The doctor may prescribe an azole antifungal with antifungal cream, ointment or suppository.

Specialists: The patient may resort to specialist treatment in recurrent or severe cases or where the above treatments don’t help. mfine endeavors to provide quick, smooth and salubrious treatment to all our patients; reach us for benefitting from our healthcare.

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